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Gold plaque depicting the "Walk on the Water"

Northern Italy, End of 11th - Beginning of 12th Century

Finely worked gold plaque, of northern italian origin (Adriatic area) and datable between the end of the 11th century and the beginning of the 12th century, depicting the miracle of the "Walk on the water".
Upon careful observation, we can see the presence of enamels traces on some points of the gold surface, respectively blue on the outer edge, and white on the inside; as a proof of this, note the internal engraving, which had the purpose of fixing the white enamel to the surface of the work.
The external part of the artefact is also engraved with representations of animals and vine shoots: this plant, in the Bible, is a symbol of well-being, fertility and blessing.

Measures: 5 x 3,5 in
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