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About me
After many years of collecting, passion and study, I decided to embark on the art market with dedication and enthusiasm.
Thus was born Fabbri Arte, a young and dynamic company, always attentive to the needs of the collector, having been born from the same passion that involves all lovers of ancient art and beyond.
Initially I approached modern and contemporary art, and then gradually moved on to deepen the ancient one, with a particular fondness for medieval, Gothic and Renaissance works.
With my exhibitions I always try to create an unusual and suggestive journey into ancient art, often proposing very rare and particular works, which can arouse a new emotion in the guest, placing them in a modern-style setting.
The company exhibits in most of the most important national antiques exhibitions and collaborates with Italian and international galleries and auction houses.
I am also supported by ancient art historians for any appraisals, based on the period and type of object.
All our works are accompanied by a "Certificate of authenticity and lawful origin" and, if necessary, also accompanied by diagnostic analyzes on the various elements (pigments or metals), so as to guarantee the correct chronological collocation.

Fabbri Arte di Jury Fabbri
Piazza XXIV Maggio, 9 - Canedole 46048 (MN)
E-mail: fabbriarte@virgilio.it
Tel: +39 338 1372919